Navjot Arora, Executive Chef and co-owner, grew up in Jalandhar Punjab, India and graduated from one of the country’s most prominent culinary institutes. He then honed his skills working under master chefs for the prestigious Taj Group of Hotels in India. Navjot and his wife, Anu, moved to New York City where he put to work his experience and passion for healthy Indian cuisine as the Executive Chef, for the critically acclaimed Café Spice Restaurant Group.

Arora’s fascination with food began as a young boy. He spent hours watching his mother create nutritious and appetizing vegetarian dishes and his father cook his signature goat curry. His dedication was awarded when he was put in charge of making the most important condiment, the mint chutney! It required that he pick the fresh mint leaves from the family’s garden and puree the ingredients using a mortar and pestle—a method he still employs to derive the most vibrant flavor from herbs and spices.

Navjot and Anu have always enjoyed cooking together using recipes passed down through generations and creating their own. With the help of Navjot’s former employer, Sushil Malhotra (who owned New York’s finest Indian restaurant, Dawat, and is the president of Café Spice Restaurant Group), they can now share their experience and love for Indian food with their patrons.

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