Spacious two story restaurant,gleaming dark wood accent saffron colored walls and exposed brick.

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About Us

Great food begins with the finest ingredients and we use only the freshest and most wholesome with no artificial flavorings or additives. “Chutney”, an anglicized form of the Hindi word “chatni”, is a traditional condiment made from a combination of fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices.

All of our chutneys are homemade. “Masala” means a blend of fresh herbs and spices combined with aromatics used to create a unique base for each dish. We use special blends of spices, which we grind ourselves, not to make the dishes hot, but to bring out their complex flavors.

To ensure our cuisine is as healthy as it is delicious we cook our meat, fish vegetables and bread in a Tandoor Clay oven. The result: food that is moist and tender and infused with a wonderful, freshly baked and grilled flavor. We use all natural, free range meat that contains no antibiotics or hormones, the seafood is wild, not farm raised, and the locally-derived produce is garden-fresh.

4 West Main Street,

Ph : 914-591-5500
Fax : 914-591-3302

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