Navjot Arora, chef and co-owner, graduated from one of the most prominent culinary institutes in India. His training led him to work for the prestigious Taj Group of Hotels in India where he honed his skills under master chefs. His vast experience and passion for Indian food brought him and his wife Anu to New York, where he headed the kitchen at the critically acclaimed Caf? Spice Restaurant Group.

Navjot?s fascination with food began at a very young age. Nutritious and appetizing food was very important to his entire family. He spent hours watching his mother creating a healthy selection of vegetarian dishes in the kitchen and was always by his father?s side observing him cook his signature goat curry. Seeing his interest and curiosity, He was made in charge of making an important condiment, the mint chutney! Navjot picked fresh mint leaves from their garden and used his mother?s recipe to puree the ingredients using a mortar and pestle.

Anu and Navjot have always enjoyed cooking together, creating their own recipes, and using the recipes passed down from older generations. They always wanted to share their passion for the diverse flavors of Indian cuisine with others. Navjot and Anu are now able to share their love for Indian cuisine with their patrons


At Chutney Masala, philanthropy is an important component of our culture.
We have a rich history of giving back to the community in which we work.
In addition to our restaurant activities, we encourage our Team Members to contribute to their communities in any way they can. The following are some charities we have been active with over the past several years:
- Taybandz
- Feeding Westchester
- March of Dimes
- Arc Westchester
- Spoons Across America


?Chutney?, an anglicized form of the Hindi word chatni, is an important condiment or relish used to complement a dish or an entire meal. Chutney is made by combining a variety of ingredients ranging from fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices to achieve different textures, flavors and taste. We make ours fresh in house with family recipes from all over the Indian subcontinent ?Masala?means a blend of fresh herbs and spices combined with aromats to create a unique base for each dish. We use spices not to make the dishes chilli hot, but to bring out the complex flavors of traditional Indian food. As Indian cooking requires careful attention to detail, we grind our own spices from scratch and make our own blends.

The popularity of grilled or baked food has increased tremendously as people search for healthier options in dining. In our kitchen the Tandoori clay oven provides a healthier option with the Indian twist. We marinate our vegetables and meat and cook them in the Tandoor that reaches temperatures of up to 700?F. What comes out is some of the most delicious and healthy baked food. Last but not the least we truly believe good food begins with the best ingredients.

We procure fresh, wholesome ingredients with no artificial flavorings or additives. Our meats are all natural and free range, without antibiotics and hormones, wild and not farm raised seafood, fresh locally available produce.


to reserve for parties of 10 or more please email to anu@chutneymasalabistro.com